Create a Commercially Competitive Edge through Energy and Sustainability.

Welcome to True. We help businesses reduce energy costs and invest with confidence in sustainability, creating a commercially competitive path to Net Zero.


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Save Money and Invest with Confidence

We pride ourselves on the tangible results we deliver for our customers. We save you money through effective energy buying, energy regulation and bill validation. We help you invest confidently in renewable technologies, energy efficiency and power purchase agreements to reduce your carbon footprint.


Be Commercially Competitive

We help you optimise your energy buying strategy to increase security, create cost savings, and retain budgetary control. Connect with our industry-leading team of energy traders and sustainability consultants to create a bespoke strategy for your goals.


Improve Cost Efficiencies with smart trading strategies.

Our trading team annually saves millions for our customers, eliminating stress of navigating energy markets and price fluctuations.


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Retain Financial Control with bespoke energy contracts.

We offer bespoke flexible and fixed procurement strategies to easily optimise rates, effectively reduce risk and enhance budget certainty.


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Increase Energy Security with comprehensive expert input.

Mitigate the impact of energy price volatility by collaborating closely with our amazing team of seasoned risk management experts.


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"We sought expertise and guidance from True - Powered by Open Energy Market, finding their strategy and support invaluable. Their agility and commitment have exceeded expectations, offering us peace of mind in our procurement needs. I sincerely champion them as a valued supplier and partner.”

Amy Young, Custodian Data Centres

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Invest with Confidence in Sustainability

True provides board-level insights and data to enable you to invest with confidence in your sustainability strategy and create a carbon and commercial roadmap towards Net Zero. Our sustainability experts, the ‘True Crew’, are here to align your sustainability and business goals, optimise your budgets and get you there with speed.


Make Better Decisions and build a commercially competitive path to Net Zero.

Dynamically compare multiple sustainability projects, suppliers and funding options and effortlessly track your progress against carbon and commercial targets.


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Save Time and Optimise Budgets with our helpful team of True Crew experts.

True Crew act as an extension of your team, achieving more ambitious targets, greater savings, and an easier, faster journey to cost and carbon reduction.


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Choose Peace of Mind through our sustainable technology partner network.

With a network of vetted and approved partners, we’ll help you build a more informed picture of where you are and help you plan a better path to Net Zero.


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"True enables businesses to assess the impact of investments in renewable energy and understand how they deliver against Net Zero goals, all while energy costs are brought down and emissions are lowered. I think this is a game changer for companies who genuinely want to develop a road map to Net Zero and save money.”

Dean Attwell, CEO, Oakland International

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True in 90 seconds

True combines your energy procurement data and sustainability strategies in one platform. Providing your business with board-level insights, so you can make better informed decisions to drive commercial and carbon impact today.


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From savvy sustainability pros to process driven procurement teams, and number crunching CFOs to needle-shifting CSOs, we're here to help you make it happen.

Sustainability Managers


Sustainability Managers

Create effective net zero strategies and gain faster approval for sustainability projects.

Procurement Teams


Procurement Teams

Optimise your energy buying strategy to reduce risk, cut costs and gain control of budget forecasting.

CFO & Finance Directors


CFO & Finance Directors

Ensure financial rigour in sustainability projects, and efficiency in energy buying and forecasting.

Operations Teams


Operations Teams

Enable efficient and effective integration of sustainable energy solutions into your day-to-day operations.

CEOs & MDs


CEOs and MDs

Create a commercially competitive edge for your business through energy and sustainability.




Have confidence that sustainability business cases factor in real energy costs and forecasts, whilst ensuring you remain compliant.

True Believers

True enabled us to assess the validity of solar for our business. By combining accurate energy procurement costs with emission reduction data, we can compare the performance of multiple suppliers against our business criteria and confidently forecast the financial and carbon impact of the initiative.
Natalie Cable
Head of Facilities and Administration
Having True will be a one stop to understanding site's requirements and the energy initiatives that they are reviewing with direct and accurate measurement of the true return on investments.​ We can be more prudent with the ESOS3 audits and initiatives that will be reviewed in True.
Colin Farrell
Global Sourcing Specialist
True brings together a lot of disparate strands that you can apply to a sustainability investment. Calculating costs, carbon benefit, or payback are things that can get people scratching their heads but with True, you can do that calculation in a matter of seconds.
Peter Vaughan
Strategic Development Manager
We appreciate the personalised support from the True team, whose expertise helped us navigate market volatility and mitigate risks effectively. Their flexible strategy and clear recommendations allowed us to reduce exposure to high energy prices, providing confidence for our budget planning.
Samantha Ford
Global Corporate Responsibility and Improvement
True takes the hassle and guesswork out of validating, comparing and deciding on which renewable technologies to use and which suppliers to choose. The combination of real-time energy procurement data with carbon emissions data in one platform allows you to accurately forecast and plan your net zero projects and strategies.
Alex Farrer
Group EHS Officer
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Chris Maclean

“We're on a mission to save 1 million tonnes of Carbon and £10bn energy costs for our customers by 2030. We're immensely proud of the impact we have made on businesses across the UK and Europe. Your success is our pride.”

Chris Maclean, CEO, True

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Create a commercially competitive edge through energy and sustainability.

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