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The climate and energy crises show the pursuit of net zero needs a rethink. Action, not rhetoric. ChangeMakers, not hand-sitters.

Say hello to the platform transforming sustainability, energy procurement and the pursuit of net zero.


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Goodbye   inaccurate assumptions. 


Out-of-date data, inaccurate assumptions, arbitrary numbers and static spreadsheet modelling mean misleading outputs, delayed sustainability projects and red faces.

Hello  single source of truth. 


Accurate, transparent and dynamic data-driven decision-making you can trust because, as our name suggests, you can't play fast and loose with the truth and you can't afford to get it wrong.


Better sustainability decisions result from having confidence in your data and plan. Present with conviction, safe in knowing you have the most accurate energy data and insights.


Gain faster board approval for your sustainability projects. Build robust business cases and have all the answers with investment-grade data and automated financial analysis.


Control and reduce your energy costs. Tap into our deep understanding of the energy market and adapt your purchasing strategy in line with your sustainability investment plan.

We're here for those who embrace change rather than stand in the way of it. The progressive not the passive. The needle shifter not the daydreaming drifter. The number cruncher and sceptic muncher. The forward-thinkers not the wearers of blinkers.

 We're here for the ChangeMakers. 


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Now is your  time to shine. 

  • Create business cases that win board approval for sustainability projects.
  • Track your business's progress towards sustainability and net zero goals.
  • Optimise your energy buying strategy to reduce risk, costs and regain budget control.
  • Improve operational efficiencies by eliminating silos and enhancing collaboration.
  • Ensure financial rigour in sustainability investments and effective energy buying.
  • Deliver sustainability business cases based on actual energy costs and forecasts.


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True believers...

True takes the hassle and guesswork out of validating, comparing and deciding on which renewable technologies to use and which suppliers to choose.
Alex Farrer
Group EHS Officer
As part of our net zero journey, True was a great help in enabling us to assess the validity of solar for our business. By combining accurate, real-time energy procurement costs with emission reduction data, we can compare the performance of multiple suppliers against our business criteria and confidently forecast the financial and carbon impact of the initiative.
Natalie Cable
Head of Facilities and Administration
Having True will be a one stop to understanding site's requirements and the energy initiatives that they are reviewing with direct and accurate measurement of the true return on investments.​ We can be more prudent with the ESOS3 audits and initiatives that will be reviewed in True.
Colin Farrell
Global Sourcing Specialist
True brings together a lot of disparate strands that you can apply to a sustainability investment. Calculating costs, carbon benefit, or payback are things that can get people scratching their heads but with True, you can do that calculation in a matter of seconds.
Peter Vaughan
Strategic Development Manager

One platform.  Endless possibilities. 


We're not going to make this difficult. All of our plans are simple, transparent and come with incredible service as standard.




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Accurately validate your sustainability project for FREE.





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Accurately validate, compare and prioritise sustainability projects and suppliers using your unique energy cost and consumption profile.







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Build an effective net zero investment strategy with financial scenario planning, OPEX and CAPEX comparisons and automated initiative planning.


Financial and Carbon Strategy

Scenario Planning


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Customised energy procurement and sustainability strategy planning with our team of risk management, trading and sustainability experts.


Financial and Carbon Strategy
Scenario Planning
Risk Management Services

Trading Advice and Intelligence

True net zero  heroes. 


True customers are also connected to a network of renewable technology providers and financing specialists, enabling efficient implementation and financing of sustainability and carbon-reduction projects.

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