Track your Cashflow to your  Net Zero Target


Dynamically compare multiple sustainability projects, suppliers and funding options and build a commercially competitive path to Net Zero.


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Transform your Sustainability and Energy Procurement Strategy

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Unleash the Power of True: Transforming Sustainability and Energy Procurement


Make better sustainability decisions...

...that win board approval for sustainability projects.


Track your business's progress...

...towards sustainability and net zero goals.


Optimise your energy buying strategy... reduce risk, costs and regain budget control.

Deliver sustainability business cases...

...based on actual energy costs and forecasts.

Ensure financial rigour... sustainability investments and effective energy buying.

Optimise your energy buying strategy... reduce risk, costs and regain budget control.

Enabling ChangeMakers with True Sustainability Solutions

We're here for those who embrace change rather than stand in the way of it. The progressive not the passive. The needle shifter not the daydreaming drifter. The number cruncher and sceptic muncher. The forward-thinkers not the wearers of blinkers.


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Data Beats Doubt in 90 Seconds.

True combines your energy procurement data and Net Zero strategies in one platform. Providing investment grade insights so you make better sustainability decisions on your path to Net Zero.


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True Believers

True enabled us to assess the validity of solar for our business. By combining accurate energy procurement costs with emission reduction data, we can compare the performance of multiple suppliers against our business criteria and confidently forecast the financial and carbon impact of the initiative.
Natalie Cable
Head of Facilities and Administration
Having True will be a one stop to understanding site's requirements and the energy initiatives that they are reviewing with direct and accurate measurement of the true return on investments.​ We can be more prudent with the ESOS3 audits and initiatives that will be reviewed in True.
Colin Farrell
Global Sourcing Specialist
True brings together a lot of disparate strands that you can apply to a sustainability investment. Calculating costs, carbon benefit, or payback are things that can get people scratching their heads but with True, you can do that calculation in a matter of seconds.
Peter Vaughan
Strategic Development Manager

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