True Platform: Uniting Energy Procurement and Net Zero Strategies


True combines a business' real energy procurement cost and Net Zero strategies in one platform, providing a foundation of accurate data that is entirely relevant and bespoke to the business. It enables change makers to build stronger business cases, accurately compare options and create a robust financial and carbon strategy to Net Zero.

Zero TRUE Hero Enterprise
Build your net zero strategy
Track carbon emissions
Set emissions targets
Analyse project return on investment
Analyse carbon impact
Forecast cash flow impact
Compare and prioritise renewable technologies
Benchmark renewable suppliers
Dynamic Marginal Abatement Cost Curve Analysis
Multi-project net zero investment strategy
OPEX and CAPEX comparison
Financial scenario planning and analysis
Net zero progression versus target
Power Purchase Agreement sourcing
Supplier sourcing for renewable technologies
Manage your energy costs
Clear budget forecast
Monthly cost forecast
Automated consumption data collection
Track rates and set alerts (coming soon)
Daily energy market insight
Commodity and non-commodity analysis
Budget forecasting - Incorporating sustainability strategy
Bill validation
Fixed tender management
Flexible tender management
Tailored Risk Management
Tailored Trading advice & intelligence
Access Performance Fund
Customised reporting
Dedicated Account Management
Retrospective audit
Compliance and legislation management
Customised organisational structure