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If you're looking to reduce short-term costs and make confident long-term decisions through a joined up, tech-driven approach to energy and sustainability, then you're in the right place.

Hundreds of businesses trust us to deliver confidence, control and cost savings in a volatile energy market.




 Transform your Energy Procurement Strategy

Trusted by Hundreds of Businesses to Manage their Energy Procurement and Transition to Greener Energy

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"True has provided us with excellent advice through some very turbulent times. This has saved us material sums as we have been able to fix utility supplies at below the market rate. This has given the business sufficient stability to be able to think beyond the current volatility for the long term."

Jonathan Neame, Chief Executive, Shepherd Neame


"Since joining the Fund we have saved over £1.1m. Remaining in the fund each season is a no-brainer for the Office Space In Town group. A long-term fixed contract rate would be much less cost-effective for the same duration, and we are now in a position to take advantage of the markets when they go down."

Niki Fuchs, CEO, Office Space In Town


 Energy and Sustainability Services 

Energy was Never so Easy.

True empowers you to implement a successful energy procurement strategy in a net zero world. With True, you gain access to vital components of energy procurement: daily updated consumption data, commodity prices, non-commodity data. Combining this with your current energy costs allows you to forecast based on different scenarios, empowering you to understand and mitigate potential risks tied to future energy charges.




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