True Features: Empower Your Net Zero Strategy

True combines your actual energy procurement costs with your sustainability projects in one platform giving you investment grade insights and data to make better decisions and secure board approval for your sustainability projects.


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Build Your Net Zero Strategy


True creates a dynamic integration between your energy procurement data and net zero goals. By factoring in your current energy costs, anticipated commodity prices, and projected third-party charges, True enables you to evaluate sustainability projects with heightened accuracy. As your procurement data evolves, so do your net zero strategies. They automatically adjust to stay on the most efficient path towards your goals, ensuring your sustainability efforts are always informed, up-to-date, and effective.

Track Your Carbon Footprint and Emissions


Take control of your carbon footprint. Monitor and report on your Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, establish your baseline year, and keep a close eye on your progress over time.

True Helps Businesses Track Emissions

Set Energy-Smart Sustainability Targets


Streamline your company's sustainability journey with ease. Establish clear, impactful targets and effortlessly track your progress towards reducing carbon emissions and achieving net zero.

True Helps Businesses Set Targets for Sustainability

Energy-Cost-Driven Project Viability Analysis


Leverage your specific energy costs to uncover the real impact of your sustainability projects. Explore various scenarios, considering different start dates, energy price forecasts, sites, and evaluation periods.

Drive change with dynamic financial modelling aligned to your unique energy cost profile.

Ground your strategies in business cases, fed by actual meter data.

Predict energy costs throughout your sustainability project with market-informed accuracy.

Automate calculating savings, ROI, capital deployment and net cash flow by year.

Measure your environmental impact with automated tracking of carbon savings and forecasted Power Cost p/kWh across the project's lifespan.

Share your sustainability project viability confidently using presentation-ready, board-level summary reports.

True's Project Viability Analysis Services

Empowering Energy-Informed Decision-Making


Compare and automatically prioritise your sustainability technologies across all sites within your company. Make informed decisions based on your unique financial, sustainability, and time-based criteria. It's about choosing the most impactful initiatives that align with your vision.

Communicate your prioritised sustainability path with clarity using a MACC chart - the go-to visual tool for comparing cost and carbon, highlighting the impact of each project.

Gain further insights with additional data, providing a granular view of key metrics such as your projects' Return on Investment, Carbon Savings, Cost Savings, and Break-Even points, all presented side-by-side

Evaluate multiple proposals from different providers for your chosen projects. Ensure your sustainability journey is not only impactful but also cost-effective.

True Empowers Better Decision-Making

Energy-Empowered Sustainability Strategy: Adaptive and Dynamic Solutions


Develop a comprehensive net zero strategy to meet your targets by combining your prioritised sustainability projects. Gain insights into the total investment required over different time frames, and understand the financial return and carbon savings you can achieve.

We recognise that not all projects can launch simultaneously due to business constraints. However, scenario planning allows you to stagger the start of different projects and strategically navigate towards a cash-flow positive net zero strategy.

Your net zero strategy is dynamic and automatically updates based on your company's specific targets, emissions over time, future energy procurement implementations, and market conditions.

True's Dynamic Sustainability Strategy

Optimise Energy Costs with True: Sustainable Procurement Solutions


True empowers you to implement a successful energy procurement strategy in a net zero world. With True, you gain access to vital components of energy procurement: daily updated consumption data, commodity prices, non-commodity data. Combining this with your current energy costs allows you to forecast based on different scenarios, empowering you to understand and mitigate potential risks tied to future energy charges.

Accurate Energy Forecasting for Net Zero Sustainability


As your company introduces new sustainability initiatives, altering the energy profile you manage, the flexibility of your procurement strategy and the accuracy of your forecasts take centre stage.

True takes you beyond traditional procurement considerations. It lets you visualise how current and planned sustainability projects shape your future energy profile. This insight equips you to accurately forecast future energy requirements, manage potential risks, and fine-tune your procurement strategy to ensure you buy the right amount of energy at the right time.

True Provides Energy Forecasting Services

Mitigate Risks and Control Energy Costs with True


Leverage our risk management and trading teams to reduce your energy costs. Our expert traders and risk management team represent a unique capability who continue to out perform the markets on both commodities for our flagship fund product, saving millions across our client base.

True Helps Businesses Mitigate Risks and Control Costs