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jonathan anstey

5 min read

Jonathan Anstey - Leading Sustainable Change as a True ChangeMaker

‘Working in the energy sector wasn’t a career I planned on but at the age of 23, and after spending five years in the Army, I found myself working in the industry. Now, I’m helping businesses to radically overhaul their energy and sustainability...

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Colin Farrell: A Sustainability Success Story - True ChangeMaker.

4 min read

Colin Farrell - ChangeMaker: A Sustainability Success Story

‘When I first looked at the energy situation for Trelleborg UK, it was daunting. There were so many...

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Otto Terrell: Leading Sustainability Change and Innovation.

5 min read

Otto Terrell: Inspiring Change in Sustainability

‘To put it bluntly, I don’t think real change can be achieved by activism alone, you need to...

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