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Businesses need to complete an ESOS report by June and submit an action plan by 5th December 2024. Businesses must then submit an annual progress report by 5th Dec 25 and another by 6th Dec 2026.


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Save Time

Save time in managing ESOS plans.

Visualise Plans

Visualise plans dynamically in your business dashboard.

Track Performance

Reviewed by an energy expert to advise on  strategy.

Energy Experts

Track performance against target.

ESOS Deadline...










What's the problem?

  • Majority of businesses who complete an ESOS report don’t know where to start to implement it.
  • The problem is the lack of resource and insights to know where and how to actually implement the projects.
  • Majority of businesses don’t realise the savings, leavings millions of pounds on the table, a lost opportunity for funding investment into renewable technologies.



The Implication...

  • Millions of pounds of lost savings. 
  • The action plans (or lack of action plans) will be visible to the public and so there is a potential corporate and brand reputation impact of not implementing the ESOS action plan.

The Need

  • A platform that enables your clients to convert projects from the ESOS report into an actionable plan and deliver the cost and carbon savings.
  • Model both short- and long-term projects to maximise investment budgets and return on investment.

True has the solution you need!

Data-Driven Platform

True is a dynamic, data-driven platform that enables you to assess, prioritise and implement your ESOS projects to realise the cost and carbon savings.

Take Action

It enables you to decide what to, when to do it and how to do it. Take concrete action to prioritise, activate and realise the actual savings from your ESOS report.


True models both short- and long-term projects to maximise investment budgets and return on investment.

Emission Reduction

You can track your emissions reduction against your targets to keep track of progress.


Track your cashflow to Net Zero.

Carbon and Cost Saving

Identification of previously unrealised carbon and cost saving opportunities.

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ESOS Assessors

  • Find out how True enables you to bring ESOS action plans to life for your customers.
  • Benefit from operational efficiencies and customer loyalty.
  • Save time in implementation.


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  • Activate the ESOS savings and optimise budgets.
  • Make ESOS a reality.
  • Save time in implementation.
  • Create and maintain a dynamic data-driven strategy.


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ESOS Pricing: Activate Your Savings!

3 months full access to True and True Crew to create a dynamic ESOS strategy that enables you to visualise and activate the carbon and cost savings from your ESOS report. Onboarding and account creation, creating a complete ESOS action plan in True, comparing the optimal path to optimise budgets.


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