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True Helps Businesses Track Emissions

 Track Emissions 

Take control of your carbon footprint. Monitor and report on your Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, establish your baseline year, and keep a close eye on your progress over time.

True Helps Businesses Set Targets for Sustainability

 Set Targets 

Streamline your company's sustainability journey with ease. Establish clear, impactful targets and effortlessly track your progress towards reducing carbon emissions and achieving net zero.

True Helps Businesses Accurately Assess Energy Strategies

 Accurately assess 

Leverage your specific energy costs to uncover the real impact of your sustainability projects. Explore various scenarios, considering different start dates, energy price forecasts, sites, and evaluation periods.

True Helps Businesses Mitigate Risks and Control Costs

 Reduce risks & control costs 

Access vital components of energy procurement: daily updated consumption data, commodity prices, non-commodity data.

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"True brings together a lot of disparate strands that you can apply to a sustainability investment. Calculating costs, carbon benefit, or payback are things that can get people scratching their heads but with True, you can do that calculation in a matter of seconds."


Peter Vaughan  I  Strategic Development Manager


"Having True will be a one stop to understanding sites requirements and the energy initiatives that they are reviewing with direct and accurate measurement of the true return on investments.​ We can be more prudent with the ESOS3 audits and initiatives that will be reviewed in True."


Colin Farrell  I  Global Sourcing Specialist