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Chris Maclean:  COP28 Falls Short Again

Chris Maclean: COP28 Falls Short Again

Chris Maclean is the CEO of True and Open Energy Market, and highlights several key issues raised by COP28.

“It has become evident that businesses cannot afford to rely solely on governments for meaningful climate action. COP, while important, is historically exclusionary and likely to fall short of delivering transformative change.

“We believe that governments should be actively engaging with a diverse range of businesses committed to environmental betterment through technology. The technology to generate clean power, reduce emissions, and optimise energy usage already exists – it’s a matter of harnessing it effectively.

“Providing businesses with the tools and guidance to leverage this technology is crucial if we’re to turn positive sentiment into tangible results. Consider Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), financial instruments that empower businesses to access renewable energy while ensuring investors recoup their investments. These kinds of solutions should be extended globally – including in developing nations – to support their adoption of clean energy technologies.

“The technology needed to achieve net zero is not a distant dream; it’s readily available. What’s needed is the collective will to take decisive action. The path to net zero relies on businesses receiving the right support to leverage immediate and impactful solutions that reduce energy costs and carbon emissions. It’s time for businesses to step up, embrace these opportunities, and contribute to a sustainable future.”

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