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True ESOS Workshop

True ESOS Workshop

Experts in data analytics and the brains behind True will deliver a workshop on Saturday 13th January, focused on managing ESOS with a brand-new technology platform.

This workshop will centre on a live demonstration of True and how the platform can be used to connect emissions data and bring ease, speed and clarity to ESOS reporting.

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The deadline for businesses to submit their ESOS reports is June 5th 2024 and those that fail to comply will be penalised by the UK government.

True is a newly launched tool designed to clarify and simplify emissions data and reporting. This workshop will include a live demonstration of the application, showing how businesses can integrate all of their emissions data and take steps to reduce CO2 to be fully compliant with ESOS.  

Hosted by Chief Commercial Officer Robert Gorby and Director of Product, Paul Scott, the session will provide expert support and guidance for businesses across the UK. 

Robert Gorby said:  

“We’ve helped hundreds of organisations to reduce their carbon emissions and make a green transition, our new tool will make life even easier for our community to navigate ESOS. However, we’ve had to provide a significant amount of support to businesses that have yet to create their ESOS strategy, so we know that there will be many others out there with the same problem.” 

“That’s why we decided to host this workshop. We want to show businesses that the ESOS regulations can be navigated in a highly efficient and clarified way with our dedicated platform, True.” 

A current user of True, Oakland International, is on track to reduce its emissions by 42% by 2030. As an integrated food supply chain business, Oakland International has a complex scope of emissions to track as it manages a range of supply chains and works with a high volume of partners to manufacture and distribute food products across the UK. 

Dean Attwell, CEO of Oakland International, said: 

“True enables businesses to assess the impact of investments in renewable energy and understand how they deliver against Net Zero goals, all while energy costs are brought down and emissions are lowered. I think this is a game changer for companies who genuinely want to develop a road map to Net Zero and save money.”     

Register for the workshop now and ensure your business is ready for ESOS. 

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