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Planet Mark & True: How to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Planet Mark & True: How to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Without a clear carbon emissions reduction strategy and without access to sustainability specialists, it’s a major challenge for organisations to work towards net zero and reduce their impact on the environment. 

And with the ESOS deadline rapidly closing in (June 5, 2024), large organisations can no longer afford to turn a blind eye to runaway carbon emissions.  

But where, and how, is carbon data gathered? And what action can be taken with the information once it’s collected? 

These are the challenges that Planet Mark helps UK businesses overcome.  

As a strategic partner of True, Planet Mark provides carbon measurement, educational support, net zero target setting and guidance in reducing Scope Emissions. 


As one of the UK’s leading carbon consultancies, Planet Mark enables and ensures that businesses fulfil their sustainability objectives and make steady progress in reducing emissions. 

Once an organisation has achieved carbon reduction targets, it will receive the official Planet Mark certification in recognition of its achievements. 

The collective impact of Planet Mark’s members has resulted in an annual 11% decrease in absolute carbon emissions. For Open Energy Market, our progress equates to 25.2% carbon reduction per employee, demonstrating an ongoing dedication to assessing impact and driving necessary actions to minimise emissions. 

Senior Sustainability Consultant, Otto Terrell, said:  

“Monitoring, reporting against, and reducing carbon emissions is paramount for the future of our planet, but it is certainly no small task. Planet Mark expertly support their members through those tricky first stages, allowing a business to see where they are, and offer solutions for decarbonisation.” 

Reduce Carbon Emissions

OEM’s newly launched platform, True, is designed to support the sustainable transformation of businesses, which includes direct integration with Planet Mark’s ESOS reports. With a click of a button, a business can instantly access their ESOS report and connect with sustainability professionals and technologies in order to comply with UK regulations. 

“True can help businesses execute the strategies built by Planet Mark in an efficient and cost-effective way.” Said Otto. 

True assesses the viability of various suggestions, ensuring your company is making financially sound decisions. The platform can model the financial savings to facilitate the next steps of your decarbonisation strategy. Utilising your own energy data provides the visibility to transform vague and uncertain payback times into detailed breakdowns and investment-level insights for projects.  

The partnership between OEM and Planet Mark serves as a valuable tool in a company’s sustainability toolkit. Our team will help you achieve your sustainability goals and secure your net zero future.

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