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How Voltage Optimisation Reduces Energy Costs

How Voltage Optimisation Reduces Energy Costs

Voltage Optimisation is a technology that can provide significant decarbonisation and reductions in energy costs.

The technology is being rolled out across the UK and it is being used to radically reduce power costs for organisations at scale. The deployment of Voltage Optimisers has reduced power consumption by 19% for True users.

Surprisingly, Voltage Optimisation remains an untapped technology for the majority of organisation in the UK as most are either unfamiliar or unsure about its main benefits.

Voltage Optimisation Explained  

Fluctuations in power supply, due to distribution lines and irregular renewable power generation, coupled with appliance’s harmonised voltage tolerances, often results in equipment drawing excessive voltage from the grid, which is not required for them to run optimally.  

Voltage Optimisation modulates incoming power supply, sending any excess voltage back to the grid.

This allows for a direct and instant reduction in your carbon footprint and energy costs, while the lifespan of appliances can also be increased by up to 50%.

The technology also reduces the risk of fires as power is managed in a safer way.

Voltage Optimisation and Your Sustainability Strategy  

True can help you incorporate Voltage Optimisation into your wider sustainability strategy, leveraging live energy data to ensure your payback times and energy savings are dynamic and consistently accurate.

True can also help you assess which sites in your portfolio would be best to target first and compare different timelines for introduction, ensuring your strategy aligns with your company’s carbon- or money-saving targets.  

One significant advantage of Voltage Optimisation is that the financial savings come at no sacrifice for your operations.

Many businesses choose to use the capital saved to invest in their move to Net Zero.  

Get started with Voltage Optimisation by connecting with our in-house expert, Otto Terrell, here.

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