Sustainable Data Centres

From data centre cooling to reducing data centre power consumption.

Data centre companies need access to the latest technology and green energy innovations in order to protect their operations to ensure all of their data centre services remain online.




A refreshing True view of data

With real-time automated access to data for Carbon Emissions, Energy Consumption, Cost Forecasts and more, we put you in control of your plans and remove the frustration of delayed, inaccessible data. True gives you accurate, transparent and dynamic data-driven decision-making you can trust.


Commercially informed sustainability decisions

True combines your actual energy procurement costs with your sustainability projects in one platform giving you investment grade insights and data. This enables you to make better decisions on which sustainability project to implement, when to implement it and how to finance it.


Companies Beating Inertia...

Millerknoll Naylor Oakland Trelleborg

End Inertia, Inspire Innovation.

Innovation Beats Inertia in 90 Seconds.

True combines your energy procurement data and Net Zero strategies in one platform. Providing investment grade insights so you make better sustainability decisions on your path to Net Zero.

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