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Oakland International: Case Study

Oakland International: Case Study

Oakland International is an integrated supply chain specialist that operates across the UK and Ireland. The organisation prioritises sustainability across its operations and has been recognised as a leader within the supply chain space.  Providing goods for Tesco, Asda, Waitrose, Dunnes, Sainsburys, Boots and a range of other UK retailers, Oakland is trusted to deliver an outstanding level of care and support.  


  • £4.4 million annual saving 
  • On target for 42% reduction in emissions by 2030 


The Challenge 

Oakland International prides itself on its success in operating sustainably, representing one of the core foundations of the business. However, when dealing with energy procurement, waste management and working towards a net zero future, the business did not have a strategy, practical means or knowledge to achieve this key target.  

Difficulty with grasping energy prices and trends meant that the businesses was often forced to agree to long-term fixed price energy deals whenever a renewal approached, resulting in a lack of flexibility for the organisation. With a target running off 100% renewable energy by 2030, the organisation required a stringent and clear path to a more sustainable future. 

“The energy is probably the single biggest challenge, energy and waste, are the two main focuses the waste in terms of waste stream management and recycling initiatives, but the energy is probably proved the hardest nut to crack.” 

Dean Attwell, CEO, Oakland International 


The Solution 

Oakland International started working with the True team in October 2018 with the immediate requirement of tacking energy procurement costs. Over a short consultation period, the True team was able to organise and address the key challenges that the business was facing.  

Energy contacts were immediately examined and renegotiated on behalf of Oakland, as a team of energy specialists overhauled the business's energy procurement strategy.  

Through regular consultations, the Oakland team were also provided with market intelligence to demonstrate how energy prices were impacted by environmental, legislative and geopolitical issues. This critical information played a key role in the management of Oakland’s energy procurement. 

“While working with the True team, we’ve really appreciated their availability and support. Any concerns that have been raised in relation to energy fluctuation have been addressed and from a short, medium and long-term perspective, we’ve been impressed by their expertise and success.” 

Peter Vaughan, Strategic Development Manager 

Oakland International were also provided with full access to the True platform. A SaaS tool that provided the business with immediate access to its energy consumption data. With the ability to see where and how energy was used, major reductions in costs and emissions were achievable.  

“True will enable businesses to assess impacts of investments in renewable energy, delivery against Net Zero goals. I think this is a game changer for companies who genuinely want develop a road map to Net Zero“  

Dean Atwell, CEO 


The Results 

Oakland International has saved over £4.4 million as a direct result of working with True, with a range of other achievements coming from the result of the partnership.  

The organisation has also planned to open a food science park, in which sustainability will be at the heart of the project.

The vision is to create a sustainable, carbon-neutral, full supply-chain International Food Science Park with the synergy of food producers, retailers and distributors, educational and training facilities and research and development on one site.

This unique proposition underpinned with a Passivhaus approach, embedded solar power and heat exchangers offers huge carbon savings and logistical efficiencies with a calculated reduction to the carbon footprint of 85%.

“It's really valuable that True, as the first energy brokerage and sustainability partner we've ever worked with, actually came to us with an idea that married up with ours.”

“We see the partnership  as one that can add significantly more value.” 

Dean Attwell, CEO