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CFOs Say Sustainability is Now Integral to Their Role

CFOs Say Sustainability is Now Integral to Their Role

For Sustainability Officers, Professionals and Leaders, achieving buy-in and engagement from CFOs and finance professionals can be a significant challenge, especially when large-scale investment is required for achieving real change on the way to net zero.


This report contains survey results gathered from 150+ industry-leading UK-based CFOs, who share their opinions, insights, pain-points and challenges when dealing with sustainability initiatives and pitches. Learn how to access investment-grade insights and data enabling stronger, more accurate business cases.


In this report, Sustainability professionals can learn how to:

  • Increase approvals on sustainability initiatives
  • Use new and innovative technology to present data and energy insights
  • Access the best partners to achieve net zero targets
  • Reduce delays on cost-effective renewable energy solutions
  • Build and develop comprehensive net zero strategies



  • Chris Maclean, CEO, Open Energy Market
  • Colin Farrell, Global Sourcing Specialist, Trelleborg 
  • Dean Attwell, CEO, Oakland International
  • Jonathan Neame, CEO, Shepherd Neame

Making a Successful Business Case

For Sustainability Projects

Are you struggling to secure budget approvals for your sustainability projects? We understand the challenge and have crafted a comprehensive white paper to guide you through the process. "Making a Successful Business Case for Sustainability Projects" is your go-to resource for developing a compelling case that wins over stakeholders and secures the investment you need.