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SG Voice - Navigating energy procurement in a net zero world

SG Voice - Navigating energy procurement in a net zero world

Chris Maclean, chief executive of True, discusses the importance of energy procurement in the climate crisis and how it will help businesses transition to renewable solutions.

  • As the UK strides towards its net zero by 2050 target, it is becoming increasingly vital for the business sphere to decarbonise. 
  • Evolving and diversifying your energy portfolio by investing in a range of sources can future-proof your business.  
  • Utilising new and innovative technology that harnesses data to provide rapid insights and information to key decision-makers. 

Transitioning to renewable energy is increasingly becoming non-negotiable and finding cost-effective ways of achieving this must be at the forefront of business leaders’ minds. Government statistics reveal that ‘business and industry’ contributed to 19% of all UK territorial emissions, highlighting the significant role that they will play in reaching the national target of net zero by 2050.  

The International Energy Agency has laid out a timeline that would require organisations to lower their emissions by 45% by 2030 to realistically reach that target, pinpointing the urgency behind leaders of industry needing to rethink their operations and start progressing with renewable initiatives.