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Introducing the True Knowledge Base: Your Gateway to Expertise

Introducing the True Knowledge Base: Your Gateway to Expertise

Following the launch of True, we have developed some incredible features to support your business throughout your Net Zero journey.

In the complex world of energy and sustainability, having a reliable source of knowledge is invaluable.

That's where the True Knowledge Base steps in - a dynamic, comprehensive, and user-friendly platform designed to be your ultimate gateway to expertise; offering support and guidance to help you make the most out of True.

How to Get Started

Once you have created a True account, you can then unlock a wealth of information in the Knowledge Base about how True can help you reach your business goals – whether you are looking to reduce your emissions, achieve Net Zero, or both.

You can browse by topic, search for specific articles, or explore our curated collections; the choice is yours.

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The Topics

We are committed to making the Knowledge Base as informative as possible, so we are always creating more topics and content to meet our users’ needs. In the first phase of the repository, here are the current topics that are available for you:

Billing – Answering any questions you might have about your energy bills and validation.

Metering – Here, you can find knowledge articles related to meter information, including general advice on common meter issues.

My Account – Your guide to managing your personal and company profile, handling your True subscription, and signing a Letter of Authority.

Net Zero – Guidance on how to create a project, strategy and comparison. You can also find information about how to add emissions, and set your Net Zero targets.

Portfolio – Learn how to create sites, and add their associated meters. Manage them all in one place within your portfolio.

Troubleshooting – General support for common issues, just in case you get stuck.

Ready to Get Stuck In?

Join True today and start exploring – we are there to support you every step of the way.

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